The COVID-19 ripple

The COVID-19 ripple: the effects it has on socio-cultural activities.

Nowadays, the Coronavirous has been the most discussed topic not only in Korea but also around the globe.

 In Korea, cases of people infected by the Coronavirous(COVID-19) have been rising since Feb. 19th and the national alarm level has been raised to “Serious” from “Caution”.

Korea has been dealing with many problems on the economical, political and cultural levels like maintaining international trade political relationships, the demographic imbalance caused by the decrease in average number of births, the nuclear phaseout policy controversy, “crazy” housing prices(real estate policy) leading to decreases in household income. 

On top of the issues Korea has been facing in recent days, COVID-19 has caused more tensions and disturbances in the daily life of Koreans.

Moreover, from a cultural perspective, most major museums such as Seoul national museum and galleries are temporarily closed.

Even smaller galleries, with artists who have been tirelessly preparing for their personal exhibitions and events have decided to delay them indefinitely.

Since the end of these unexpected events is still undetermined people have become quite uneasy.

And also This serious situation is connected with national culture.

Despite recent improvements resulting from recent artistic accomplishments including the likes of “Parasite” and “BTS” which have been recognized by being nominated for and winning major awards, the current situation has also affected the international image of Korea.

Regardless of the improved  international image of Korean art, due to recent travel restrictions imposed on Korea and increased news coverage of COVID-19 cases in Korea an anti-Korean sentiment is on the rise.

Of course, while this behavior is not a deliberate act but Koreans can’t help but feel represented unfairly. 

Anyway, COVID-19 is a growing anxiety. Not only Korea, the whole world has been impacted on the city life, economic and cultural levels.

While the effects of the virus are widening, we should try to make small efforts to do the best we can to contain it.