These days have been hard on everyone, all economic entities have been shaken, especially since no one predicted this pandemic. 

We have even gone beyond ‘medical death’ and have reached cases of ‘economic death’ foreign exchange crisis – financial situation –  over the cliff – worst situation people are being pushed to their limits because of the foreign exchange crisis and current financial situation, it seems that the situation is only getting worse situation. 
It is a certain fact that ‘medical death’ and ‘economic death’ is becoming inversely proportional.

Korea’s performance vis a vis corona prevention such as social awareness, medical volunteering, private business ‘corona test kit’ development, serves as an example for medical crisis management to the rest of the world.  But Korea’s economic downfall is inevitable.

With the recent crisis on our hands, we are once again called on as one nation to join efforts, lending a hand to our neighbors who need help and asking for help when we need it to get through these hard times.  We can proudly say that we have been tested numerous times in the past but have always come out victorious through compassion and collaboration.

Be it ‘medical death’ or ‘economic death’ I wish our collaborative efforts will allow us to steer clear from both. And I do believe that we can.