Sight and direction

“웩사”가 전시회를 연 이유 그리고 “상상미술관” 그들이 추구했던 작품의 시선과 방향.

‘어디에 시선이 머무를지, 어느 곳에서 어떤 방향으로 볼지 고민하는 과정 속에서 무심했던 시선과 방향에 대해 생각해 볼 수 있기를 바랍니다’

In ‘weksa.seoul’, directed by ‘sangsang art museum’. ‘Sight and direction’ is weksa’s first exhibition in collaboration with various artists and ‘sangsang’ art museum. They want to communicate The reason why they created this communal space and the direction of this exhibition.’

“We hope viewers sincerely think about the meaning of viewing works and not overlook the direction in which the art is displayed. One should think about where the eye will stay and look. “ -Director of Sangsang art museum

웩사 서울이 여러 창작자들과 커뮤니티를 형성하고 다양한 프로젝트를 진행하고자 만든 공간에서, 상상미술관이 기획해 오픈한 첫번째 전시회가 열렸다. 작품을 바라보는 ‘시선과 방향’이라는 주제를 통해 작품에 대한 독자의 시선과 기획자의 의도가 만나 시너지 효과를 극대화 시킴은 아무래도 분명했다. 

 The story behind the exhibition: Weksa’s aim is to form a communal space with various creators and carry out various projects. Through the first exhibition ‘sight and direction’, the sangsang art museum director wants to project his thoughts and imagination. What synergy will be created when the viewer’s perspective on the works and the planner’s intention meet? Personally, I had a fresh experience with various topics I never had to interact with before. 

It was a precious experience, reminding me once again about how no matter how “new” ideas seem they are only slightly different at the core.

It is a mixing space for paintings worked by painter Kim Ji-yoon and artist Kwaya. It is filled with portraits, objects, and landscape paintings drawn using different materials, such as Neopastel, illustration, and acrylic, etc. The two artists could easily be confused as one because their rough painting styles are quite similar.  Artist Kwaya has recently gained recognition through her collaboration on band 5but “White Night” and Jannabi’s album cover photos. 

painter @jyoomn

painter @qwaya_

The works were displayed in various locations. Unlike ordinary exhibitions, the artists works were located in unpredictable locations such as ceilings, corners, crevices etc. They did not allow readers to look at the work from the same point of view, at the same eye level. The viewer sometimes needed to lean or tip-toe to view their works. 

Unlike works that are always set under the light,  each piece was in itself a source of light, giving a different feeling when viewed. The work was the light and lighting itself. 

photographers @jowaro_ @egpwls

@photographer @bwavy_ @nuthanks

What do we think when works are not in the right position? Looking through mirrors we can see blind spots that wouldn’t be visible otherwise. Pictures and paintings also express their appearance differently under red light.  

아이디어는 한끗차이다. 당연하게 생각하는 관점에서 조금만 시선을 돌리면 다른걸 발견 할 수 있다. 디렉터 상상미술관은 경계를 무너뜨리고 작은 차이를 발견함으로써 또 다른 새로운 전시를 기획했다. 이들은 가장 자유로운 전시회를 기획함과 동시에 매번 재밌고 새로운걸 추구해 나간다. 우리 AMPL의 취지가 바로 그런거 아닌가. 우리와 너무나 닮아있던 전시였다. 후의 더 멋진 아이디어와 함께 새로운 아티스트들과의 콜라보를 응원한다.

We can always discover new things with the slightest change of perspective. ‘sangsang art museum’ planned ‘sight and direction’ by breaking boundaries of original methods and discovering different ways for viewers to interact with art. Weksa is planning more exhibitions that break set boundaries, pursuing new possibilities and talents with other art planners. In that way, it reminds us of our platform AMPL’s direction. We are sure that they will grow into and become a staple of Seoul’s art scene.

Participating artists @hyunjirie @ qwaya_ @jyoomn @bwavy_ @ nuthanks @jowaro_ @egpwls @nnaoiu @sangsangmi_ @gongpil

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