내가 만든 미디어, 이미지들이 세계적으로 얼만큼의 영향력을 줄 수 있을까? 

모두를 위한 여정에서 나를 위한 여정으로 마무리한 그의 잠비아 일대기와 전시, 설치미술, 독립출판등 여러 과정을 거쳐 더 넓은 소통과 다양성을 시도하고자 하는 컨템포러리 아티스트 요요진을 단독 인터뷰 했다.

아래 글은 영문 문서만으로 업데이트 됩니다. 한글 번역본이 필요하신 분은 아래 링크를 클릭해 저희에게 CONTACT 주세요.

This week’s AMPL artist is contemporary artist YoYo-Jin who dived into the word of art after being heavily inspired by the experiences he had volunteering in Africa. Yoyo-Jin has actually spent more time working abroad than he has in Korea. But now he’s back to his home country, and as if it were a reward for him setting out and helping the world, the world is giving back to YoYo-Jin who, with the help he is receiving continues his journey into the arts extending and stretching the meanings and directions of his work.

I feel that most people in the arts can sympathize with my opinion, I think that most artists want to focus solely on their work but in fact, their environment does not allow them that luxury. The same goes for Yoyo-Jin who lived in Africa for several years and worked there since 2010. Having the opportunity to develop his art while working there, he was able to continue to create and come up with a wide collection of works. He worked at Samsung Zambia and did a lot of volunteer work while he was there like teaching children and other diverse personal projects. He went wherever he could give people visual pleasure while improving and developing his own painting style. Through this experience, and through the technical skills he refined as an employee at his company he was able to rapidly improve and even further develop his style.

For someone who spent a lot of his time helping others, working on his art for himself he was able to complete his own drawing style. Wherever there was a need for a street painter or artist he would be the first to volunteer and present his work. Especially with his diverse skills in media content production, he created his own characters while adding narratives and emotions to his work which eventually resulted in animated visual art.

He further expanded his influence by sharing his talents with people at the Modzi Arts, and later wrote scenarios which led to more opportunities and developments on his own independent book publishing. 

To check YoYoJin’s more of work in Zambia click here and

The recent exhibition at Hongdae Art Arch was a showcase of works he produced while he was a resident in Zambia. Looking back, helping other people in the world might have been a chance for him to earn something unique. He has done many things in the past nine years but in Korea, he was back at square one. Is now the time that he gets paid back for his efforts to help the world? He continues his work with the help of many people around him and has successfully completed his most recent exhibition.

There, he finally realized that the meaning to give people good influence and help is also an act for oneself. He used to run everywhere to make people happy. Somewhere between Korea and Africa and everywhere he left, still vast, his colorful paint still shines through his works.  

Yo Yo Jin on Instagram : @yoyojinxx and Youtube: YoYoJin ART

Seoul – 2020/04/19